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To believe is to care, to care is to do.” 

United Church of Christ outreach slogan

The East Woodstock Congregational Church firmly believes that our faith leads us to action.  We are encouraged by our Lord Jesus Christ to go out into the world and spread the Gospel of God’s love and compassion.

Our church has an active outreach program that touches the lives of people in our community, as well as across our state, the country, and around the world.

We are active in the Covenant to Care program (www.volunteersolutions.org) and participate in the “Adopt a Social Worker” network.  Working with an area social worker, we can minister directly to the needs of families in our 10 town area, providing such basic needs are food, clothing, school supplies, bedding, scholarships to summer camp, and Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and gifts.

We are a covenant church with the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity (www.habitatforhumanity.org ) which works with low income families to provide, to build, and to own their own homes.  We also help with food and clothing when needed.

We are committed to responding to the needs of people in our own area and have a freezer stocked with soups and stews that can be delivered at a moment’s notice to anyone who is sick or alone or simply needs the help and comfort that a meal can bring.  We also have a list of members that will cook or prepare meals for those that may need help for a longer period of time due to illness. 

Roxbury Village is a retirement community in Woodstock.  Once a month Pastor Sue meets with the residents and Missions provides entertainment and refreshments. 

Shelters in the community are given assistance by our committee -- the Domestic Violence, Homeless, and Teen shelters.  We provide Christmas gifts, toiletries, funds for haircuts, personal items, school supplies and special requests.  We always ask for towels for the Homeless shelter from the congregation. 

Greeting cards are currently being sent to our active service personnel from our area. 

A $500 scholarship is awarded each June to a student member of EWCC who has been active in the church.  It is open to students who are pursuing their education in the fields of Christian ministry, missions, or social services such as teaching, nursing, social work, etc.  Applications are available in the church office. 

In addition, we support our young people with small scholarship funds for a faith-based community service. 

Each December the Missions Committee collects money for "Tools of Hope and Blanket Program".  $5 will purchase a blanket or will help towards providing clean well water, or to build a roof, or help purchase school supplies. 

On Christmas Eve the collections are donated to Veterans of the Cross. 

In the spring, Missions collects for the "One Great Hour of Sharing".  Your support will help rebuild homes, communities and lives, in the US and around the world.

In addition, Missions collects donations towards disaster relief, such as the Tsunami.

Missions also supports local charities and services such as Community Kitchen of CT, Day Kimball Hospital Chaplaincy Fund, and the local Salvation Army.

Daily Bread is a community pantry for which we collect food from members of EWCC each week.  Every month the food request changes.  Our Thanksgiving Sunday food collection is donated to the Daily Bread.  In addition we have a canned food pantry for immediate requests.  We will help a local family if the need is of a serious nature.

Missions is currently working on a partnership with Faith Communities Against Family Violence.  Brochures and information are available in our church library. 

We have a long history of outreach far beyond our own borders.  We helped re-settle families from Bosnia and Croatia during the recent wars there.  We have supported mission trips to Papua, New Guinea and aided vaccination programs there.   We also sponsored a young girl from New Guinea to come to this country for corrective surgery on her club foot, enabling her to learn to walk.  We are currently helping to support a young boy and his family in Jerusalem, as they try to survive in that troubled region.

Mission Committee Members:

Chair:  Joy Ann Klare                                                                    Treasurer:  Evelyn Fairfield                                                          Secretary:  Sally May                                                                           Kathie Kelly                                                                                      Elena Bond                                                                                          Mary Morgan                                                                                        Carrie Walker                                                                                      Birgitta Frost                                                                                       Diane Billings                                                                                      Kerstin Forrester       

We invite you to contact any member of the committee with questions you may have, or donations, or if you know of someone in need.

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